Is a memory foam mattress good for everyone?

Here a first distinction must be made, there is no mattress that fits everyone, whether it is in memory foam or with independent springs, latex or any other type.

It is logical to think that the mattress must respond to stresses, guaranteeing adaptability to the body and not vice versa, giving support where it is needed and welcoming where it is needed.

Therefore it is clear that the mattress must be compared to the weight and height of the user and it is easily understandable that a mattress that adequately accommodates a person of 50 kg high 160 cm, cannot correctly answer to a person of 100 kg high 160 cm.

That said, the memory foam mattress is precise because of the viscosity that gives it a very static and sandy feeling.

This influences a factor of personal comfort where only after an adequate test and with a competent consultant, can you tell if this type of mattress is right for you.

What are the disadvantages of a memory foam mattress?

Often when we talk about the disadvantages of the memory foam mattress we talk about its thermal sensitivity, therefore, the ability to adapt to the body as well as to the pressure also for the heat and consequently the lower capacity to dissipate the heat.

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This although in a minimal form may prove to be true, in most cases the problem exists on low-quality products.

There are memory foam mattresses products that have a certification of breathability 27 times higher than the memory foam normally on the market.

Therefore we always return to consider the single product that is chosen.

However, there are possible solutions to remedy the problem of heat, such as outlast mattress covers.

What are the advantages of a memory foam mattress?

A good memory foam mattress as long as it is suitable for me, can guarantee excellent weight distribution.

It reduces muscle compression and arterial compression to a minimum brings the whole body to discharge on the mattress it improves the ability to regenerate my body throughout the night, especially in the phase of deep sleep.

It guarantees a good hygienic appearance, limiting the proliferation of mite bacteria, etc. due to its open cell structure.

Finally, the memory foam mattress does not need any particular maintenance.

How mattress helps to balance hormones naturally?

When we talk about the hormones we usually think about the mood swings due the imbalance hormones. Basically imbalance hormones can be very dangerous for a human being because they proved as harmful for their healthy life. It is proved by so many studies that in balancing and misbalancing hormones can happen due to the sleeping postures and mattress. Before purchasing a new bed, check out Sleep Junkie’s recommendation.

Why mattresses cause misbalancing of hormones?

Matresses are basically known to provide comfortable sleep to the sleeper. Is it like that if you don’t have mattress you can’t sleep? The answer is no, mattresses are not the reason for the sleep. But yes they may the the reason of relaxing and peaceful sleep. While being pregnant ladies used to sleep on the regular mattress, is it safe for them. In some cases we can say yes but most of the cases the answer is no. The reason of this nor is there is a huge hormonal change happening in the body during pregnancy and this change needs different type of comfort level. The lady or girl who is pregnant have to take care of two human beings at the same time and also in this situation body parts of her needs very different kind of pampering. The lack of this pampering nature of the mattress can cause complications in pregnancy. 

What things you should look in a mattress for hormonal balance?

People usually take medicines to balance their hormones but if you can do it naturally then there is no need to take medications. Your mattress can become your helping buddy to balance your hormones. Yes this is surprising but on the other hand this is true. The first thing you have to look in a mattress is organic. Organic mattresses are made of natural raw material which can help you to keep your hormones in your control organically. Along with them a good healthy diet and you will be all perfect.

Mattresses, sleep and the human body in figures:

Before we get started, let’s introduce some numbers about the human body: every man has 206 bones, 650 muscles and 76 organs. To “function” we must satisfy the basic needs of our body: breathing, drinking, eating and sleeping; in this way we get the substances that allowing us to live.

Every day we consume about 550 liters of oxygen, we take about 2.5 liters of water, on average we need 2700 kilocalories (kcal) and we have to sleep more or less 8 hours.

There are many studies showing that proper sleep hygiene brings many benefits to the human body. Those who sleep better can live 10 years longer, tend to gain less weight and usually have a better mood than those who sleep little.

However, our sleep depends on our mattresses and our beds. The better the mattress we sleep on, the greater the benefits for our body. However the traditional mattress is not able to follow the changes to which we are subject in the course of our life, however excellent it may be; for he cannot change with us.

Almost 36 million mattresses are sold worldwide each year; most of them are of mediocre quality, others are of excellent workmanship, others are still poor.

Finding the ideal mattress for us is, in the midst of the tens of thousands of mattress models, therefore difficult if you do not require expert advice or an assistant to choose. However, there is a mattress on the market that, thanks to its structure, contains more than 15,000 mattresses.

Create your own mattress:

Among the memory mattresses currently on the market, many online stores allow you to choose for yourself what kind of mattress to sleep. Soft, medium or stiff depending on the type of inserts you want to use, but not only that. In fact the very high number of combinations that can be obtained makes it both a universal mattress and specific mattresses to solve just as many rest requests.

Order as you prefer the cylindrical inserts, giving each area of ​​your body the proper support.

If you are suffering from sleep disorder, go to for more tips to improve sleep.

Do you get a mattress online?

The online industry is really big now and people who don’t have time to do shopping in the physical markets they choose the online market because it has used variety and sometimes you are getting discounted deals which helps you to save a big amount of money and really you don’t need to suffer in the crowd Because easily you can do shopping from your place. So you can start your shopping easy with the online market and if you want to do it perfectly then you need to pay attention to some things which makes your shopping more valuable.

Buy it from trusted

Obviously, you need to get the mattress from trusted suppliers because they give you a lot of benefits and really the first one you can consume you will save your money and no need to waste a lot of time to find the quality mattress. So you need to get the mattress from reputed companies also and will get rid out from all the fake deals which actually offer to get the mattress at such cheap prices which actually never gives you quality and you need to compromise with the quality.

See the brand

One more thing you need to check out and when you once see the brand obviously you can get the mattress which is made up of quality material. The brand offers you long term benefits and really you don’t need to make replacement and changing of your mattress again and again. View the details on Sleep Junkie.

The warranties

There are so many options actually available in the online market and if you want to buy the mattress online then you need to see warranties of it and check out for which time period the company offers you guarantee and warranty of the mattress. Seriously this would give you peace of mind and you don’t need to be worried because you can get the mattress online easily and the online companies would help you to deliver it to your home and why you want to make replacement of it then they send the staff and pick the mattress and you can get the new one instead of it.

For comfortable sleep buy the most satisfying mattress

The new quality mattress is specially designed for the best comforts of sleep without any pain in any part of the body. Using this mattress you will have healthy life forever. This new technology made mattress is long lasting that is having 20 years of warranty period. It is the most satisfying mattress because it can provide best health, comfortable sleep, and full body rest and is very much affordable. You can experience the 100 night for free. There are no charges applied to experience this mattress for free. You can Learn the latest sleep health information on Sleep Junkie. You are getting great benefits like full body massage, sweat free sleep, durability that is long lasting, reduces pain of neck and back. The mattress helps controlling over the snoring habit. There are no shipping charges to have such well designed mattress at your door steps.

Everyday this new mattress is getting users more and more due to the facility and the quality that is in this mattress. There is no doubt that the mattress has all the qualities that are required for having the best comfort to the human body with best comfortable sleep. If you need to have information of the styles and designs then you can have that from the internet. You are also having the offer to book your order in the online store. Online market is providing the offer of discount on this high quality mattress that will help you saving money. The delivery will reach to your doorsteps in 7 days.

In order to have best experience of comfortable life with comfortable sleep you need to have one of the designs on your bed. All types of sizes like medium, extra large, large and small are available. Inline you have the sites that are providing the best guide about this new modernized mattress. You will glad to have such mattress to have best health for your lifetime. The mattress has the quality to control any type of temperature of the body. It can release cool air and throw out all the heat from the bed. Once you start using such mattress on your sleeping bed then you will always have better health condition.