Is a memory foam mattress good for everyone?

Here a first distinction must be made, there is no mattress that fits everyone, whether it is in memory foam or with independent springs, latex or any other type.

It is logical to think that the mattress must respond to stresses, guaranteeing adaptability to the body and not vice versa, giving support where it is needed and welcoming where it is needed.

Therefore it is clear that the mattress must be compared to the weight and height of the user and it is easily understandable that a mattress that adequately accommodates a person of 50 kg high 160 cm, cannot correctly answer to a person of 100 kg high 160 cm.

That said, the memory foam mattress is precise because of the viscosity that gives it a very static and sandy feeling.

This influences a factor of personal comfort where only after an adequate test and with a competent consultant, can you tell if this type of mattress is right for you.

What are the disadvantages of a memory foam mattress?

Often when we talk about the disadvantages of the memory foam mattress we talk about its thermal sensitivity, therefore, the ability to adapt to the body as well as to the pressure also for the heat and consequently the lower capacity to dissipate the heat.

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This although in a minimal form may prove to be true, in most cases the problem exists on low-quality products.

There are memory foam mattresses products that have a certification of breathability 27 times higher than the memory foam normally on the market.

Therefore we always return to consider the single product that is chosen.

However, there are possible solutions to remedy the problem of heat, such as outlast mattress covers.

What are the advantages of a memory foam mattress?

A good memory foam mattress as long as it is suitable for me, can guarantee excellent weight distribution.

It reduces muscle compression and arterial compression to a minimum brings the whole body to discharge on the mattress it improves the ability to regenerate my body throughout the night, especially in the phase of deep sleep.

It guarantees a good hygienic appearance, limiting the proliferation of mite bacteria, etc. due to its open cell structure.

Finally, the memory foam mattress does not need any particular maintenance.