Mattresses, sleep and the human body in figures:

Before we get started, let’s introduce some numbers about the human body: every man has 206 bones, 650 muscles and 76 organs. To “function” we must satisfy the basic needs of our body: breathing, drinking, eating and sleeping; in this way we get the substances that allowing us to live.

Every day we consume about 550 liters of oxygen, we take about 2.5 liters of water, on average we need 2700 kilocalories (kcal) and we have to sleep more or less 8 hours.

There are many studies showing that proper sleep hygiene brings many benefits to the human body. Those who sleep better can live 10 years longer, tend to gain less weight and usually have a better mood than those who sleep little.

However, our sleep depends on our mattresses and our beds. The better the mattress we sleep on, the greater the benefits for our body. However the traditional mattress is not able to follow the changes to which we are subject in the course of our life, however excellent it may be; for he cannot change with us.

Almost 36 million mattresses are sold worldwide each year; most of them are of mediocre quality, others are of excellent workmanship, others are still poor.

Finding the ideal mattress for us is, in the midst of the tens of thousands of mattress models, therefore difficult if you do not require expert advice or an assistant to choose. However, there is a mattress on the market that, thanks to its structure, contains more than 15,000 mattresses.

Create your own mattress:

Among the memory mattresses currently on the market, many online stores allow you to choose for yourself what kind of mattress to sleep. Soft, medium or stiff depending on the type of inserts you want to use, but not only that. In fact the very high number of combinations that can be obtained makes it both a universal mattress and specific mattresses to solve just as many rest requests.

Order as you prefer the cylindrical inserts, giving each area of ​​your body the proper support.

If you are suffering from sleep disorder, go to for more tips to improve sleep.